Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another day, another failed goggle trial

Well, the latest new goggles were a fail. They didn't dig into my face but they leaked. And they were huge. It felt like swimming with a gold fish bowl over my head. The return label is printed. I just need to box 'em up and take them downstairs so the mail carrier can take them back.

Another new pair ordered. This time, there's no mystery. They are Aqua Sphere Kayenne's. I've used them before and they are great. They are more expensive that the elchepo's from Costco but they are also better. I'd say this is the end of The Great Goggle Caper Of 2018 but...

My Instagram entries are copied onto Twitter and I got a tweet yesterday from Speedo. They read about my issues with their goggles and wanted my contact info. So I gave them my email address. Then, this morning, I get an email asking for the model and Amazon order info. Odd, I thought, that they cannot recognize their own goggles from a photo that shows them clearly, but whatever. I sent a screenshot from Amazon with order details. We'll see what, if anything, comes out of that little maneuver.

The IRS came in and scooped up its money from my checking account this morning. This will be the second year I've paid estimated taxes. It worked out fine last year and this year the amount is lower - $1,200 a quarter. (Next year, thank you Republicans, it will be higher.) I had forgotten the exact amount and wanted to put it on my calendar for June/September/January. I went to June 15 and lo and behold there it was already with the exact amount. Thank you, me.

Today, I'm headed up the street to the fabric shop and, probably, the bakery or a food truck to pick up some lunch. Maybe, actually, now that I think about it, it's been a while since I've teriyaki-ed. Maybe today's the day for that.

Otherwise, it will be the usual... sewing... baseball and stuff in between.
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