Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And then...

I got a text that my Amazon package had arrived so I went down to get it. While there, I checked the mail. There was a check from Amazon! A check for $.07. So, see, I'm already on my way to the first month of my library donation ... Thanks, Amazon!

It's always a shock to me how different the light from an LED bulb is when you first put it in. The sewing room looks very different and I like it. Plus, the trick of flipping the switch and having instant light is a trip. And oen that I'll appreciate every single day.

And I ordered more goggles. Turns out I ordered the wrong ones. The ones I ordered are really different. I think I'm going to give them a spin. Maybe they will be molto bene (they are Italian). No pick now... but tomorrow, via Instagram, you'll get a huge one.

Then I got a note that my lap counting software was out of beta. So I got it installed on my gizmo and I'm charging it right now.

Oh and speaking of charging, I got the scooter all charged up. I also fastened down the basket that kept falling off and gathered essentials for all trips - gloves, giant sun glasses and small umbrella. They are now all in a pouch in that fastened down front basket. I also fixed my Mariner backpack so it fits onto the back without flopping around. I am set to go!

Oh dear. I just read that Harry Anderson is dead. Night Court was on TV for not very long but it was hilarious and a lot because of Harry. He was younger than I am. Wonder what he died of? Ooops, now I'm usurping fauxklore!
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