Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This is better

There's a podcast that I have listened to for a really long time (Alison Rosen is your new best friend). I spend half of my listening time in a long black robe judging the shit out of her for being such a silly narcissist. She lives in LA, on the fringe of the alittlebitfamous so the other half of the time, I'm fascinated by her and the people she has on the show and what they think is important and what they don't care two fucks about.

About a year ago she set up a Patreon account and for $5 a month, I can get extra podcasts. I signed up and after a couple of months turned off the spigot. Then she had some interesting people on her extra stuff so I started sending her $5 again. But, then she started sending these emails about the zit on her chin and she wrote a book which she's now hawking like crazy and I don't care anything about so I turned off the spigot. Again.

Just now, on Twitter, the Seattle Public Library had a tweet about a program they have to help teens get out from under library fines and fees. and be able to start using the library again. And they have an easy way to contribute directly to this program. I can give them $5 a month. So, Alison, your $5 is off now to help kids get back to the library. Thank you!!
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