Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Another glorious week in retirement land. Wednesday is housecleaner day so also errand day which frees up the other four days for whateverhappensisfabulous days. Oh except Thursday. Thursday is another Diamond Club Mariner game. yum!

But today is fix it day. I'm fixing all the tiny things that annoy me.

1. Those Speedo goggles are going back to Amazon. Label printed. USPS so it will get picked up today and I'll have my refund by tonight. Love Amazon.

2. The recessed ceiling light in the sewing room has been driving me nuts for years. When you flip the switch to turn it on, it has to warm up. Like the fucking olden days! It's one of those very early on energy efficient bulbs - I can't remember the exact name but it's going to be history as of today. Amazon is bringing me an LED replacement. Love Amazon.

3. I have a house full of tablets and I use them all for a wide variety of things. Most are elcheapo Amazon Fire tablets that I picked up on sale when they were $20 or $40. Those are great for watching TV or videos or podcasts or having in front of me with PDF instructions which is why I have two of them in the sewing room alone. They are also good for silly card and board games. But, try to do anything else and they are dogs. I have one next to my TV chair which has been driving me nuts for months. It's just impossible to use for anything I want to do. So I went to Swappa and found a nice Nexus 7 for $75. It's also an LTE version which means I can use one of my data sims in it and have it internetable for emergencies. Goodness all around.

Plus, I love Swappa. I always get this nice feeling that someone, when they check their email today, will utter a gleeful YESSSS!!!

4. I have two tops I made that have nice, wide 3/4 length sleeves. Nice for spring except they have big cowl necks which look very wintery. While I was swimming this morning I figured out how I could nicely chop down the necks so they don't look so wintery. That's top on my todo list now.

I wish the autopostings from Instagram weren't so huge. I just scared myself with a photo of me. Old people pictures should never be that big.

I got another new neighbor, just in time for TheTreeThatIHate to block my view with its leaves. There were three empty apartments across the way and now the two that are easiest to see are filled! One more to go.

Ok, time to get my retired ass up and operational.
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