Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm totally misplaced my motivation

I got up, I swam, I grocery shopped and spent less than $20, I got my hair cut and went to the flea market and now I'm done. I'm not interested in doing anything else.

After I typed that paragraph, I got up and went and took a 2 hour nap. Now it is 3 pm and the day's nearly over. I guess I don't need no motivation ... Weird.

I do feel better. At the flea market, I bought a steak and mushroom pie at a food truck I'd never heard of before and it was YUMMMMY. I was smart enough to grab a business card (and Mr. Truck was smart enough to leave them out for me to grab). I looked them up and they mostly do lunch at the Microsoft campus but on Sundays they are at the Capitol Hill Farmers Market.

One block from here, I can hop a trolley and it will take me right to the Capitol Hill Market and close by there is also a Walgreens and a QFC Grocery. I see a Sunday trip in my future.

But, not tomorrow. Tomorrow is one of my Mariner Diamond Club games. The dining room opens for brunch at 11 and that's where I'll be before the game.

The rest if today will be watching random TV and the baseball game and crocheting and internetting. Just really a nice, junk day.
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