Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So that's why!

The gym population has been pretty low this week. The pool has pretty much been mine alone. There has been less traffic than usual.

I just read an instagram caption from a woman in West Seattle saying "Last Day Of Spring Break" DOH! When you have zero kids in your life, you miss these little details. Except in September. Every year, the first week of school is a bitch of crowded everywhere. I do remember that.

My userpic got a new outfit!

Another whatever day at SDHQ. Whatever happens will be excellent. There will be some sewing and some laundry and some listening to my new a capella radio* (already started). I also need to remember to go take a walk - even if only around the block. I wish I liked that chore more so maybe at least I'd do it as often as I think I should. There is a baseball game but it's not until tonight.

*I think it's kind of miraculous that such an entity can, for probably very little money, stream such a specific type of music out and I get it on a device that is about the same size and shape of an old timey radio only with a screen of info about each song. The sound is lovely. There aren't any advertisements. They cut in every 4 or 5 songs and do a station ID and a quick and painless request for $. It's really very Louis C.K. kind of amazing.

I often think of friends and family who died and wonder what they would think of the amazing things today's world has to offer.

My dad's sister who died in the the 70's and loved nail polish of all colors back when red was the only really acceptable color. She would lose her mind with gels and, actually, probably be frustrated that she only had 10 fingernails and 10 toenails.

My Dad, who loved his fax machine. He died in 1999 when cellphones were new and confusing. I think he'd have loved having an iphone in his pocket. He'd be an app ape. Also he would get a huge kick out of something like an a capella radio stream.

My friend, John, who died in 2004, would have a Tesla. My Mom, who died in 2005, would be a Wikipedia editor and live for every single YouTube video about tennis.

Fun to think about.
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