Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So... what did I do?

I cut up a bunch of fabric scraps into smaller scraps and used them to decorate a very large candy fabric scrap dish. It looks very cool.

Instagram will report pictures in the roundup.

Then I cut out a new blouse. I love the way the fabric looks and fields but it is a bitch to work with so I put it down half way through. I'll finish it tomorrow.

I sewed 3 buttons on the front of another shirt for decoration. I was aiming for one in the middle and one on either side of that one. I sewed one in the middle and two on the left. So I cut one off and resewed it. Further to the left. WTF? On the third try I got three buttons centered correctly. Zoey watched and did not laugh but may have snorted just a bit on fail #2.

And then I found music.

I rarely listen to music in the house. Sometimes I turn on classical music to have it in the background but rarely and I don't really listen. But today I found a streaming radio of all a capella music and I've got it piping through Echo (so I can see song titles and the names of the groups singing on the screen) and I've been listening for several hours now and enjoying it enormously.

That's been my very lovely day. So far.
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