Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Shopping Day

I'm off this morning to a neighborhood north of downtown to shop. I am absolutely going to the fabric store. But, because the fabric store does not open until 11, I may have to make some pre-stops. It's senior day at Goodwill and, while I don't love the Goodwill up there, it's nice to check it out now and again. I have library returns to make but the library is a half a block from JoAnne's and that might be a dangerous side trip... But also there's a nice pet food store up there and I do still need dog treats for my haircut which I rescheduled for this coming Sunday...

This is why I don't often have shopping days. It gets complicated too fast. And my tolerance level is pretty low.

I did sleep amazingly well last night. Now that I can crank the bed up and down with confidence that I won't have to get out of bed and reboot the damn thing a trillion times, it's a lot nicer experience. I didn't wake up once. Not even to pee.

I spent a fair chunk of time yesterday archiving digital crap. For a very long time now, I've mirrored my Google Drive with the storage on my Windows laptop. Data grows. Every picture I take with my phone is automagically sent to Google Drive (and, also to Flickr) and then, on sync, lands on my Windows PC. I love having all the photos and docs available from my Chromebook or phone or tablets whenever I want them, but having a copy also maintained on my Windows PC is kind of silly and not entirely safe.

So yesterday I moved a bunch of stuff onto an external drive and uncoupled the sync for it. Today, once everything is cycled through, I'll move that drive off the PC and into the drawer where it will gather dust until whoever goes through all this shit after I die, throws it away. Tidy.

And speaking of tidy, I'm loving the cupboard reorg I did last week. I've always tried to separate and organize all the various cables I have in storage. This time I just tossed them all into one bin. Turns out that makes finding one much easier. The external drive I'm using is so old it uses a macro USB. Dug into the cable bin and voila! came out with just what I needed.

Next up is to pair down other extraneous stuff on my hard drive. The drive is relatively small so keeping it clean of crap is a necessity. I'm doing a scan of it now to see what's taking up space so I know what's the most effective to kill.

Then I'll get dressed and then I'll hit the highway.
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