Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Goto Recipes

When I was younger - way way younger - I was totally into dinner parties as in throwing them. Yep. I had two goto dinners. One was a very impressive chicken kiev. It was a bitch to make but it was really pretty and when you sliced into it and the butter spurted out, no one was ever not wow'd. And it was easy to match with sides.

My other goto was a really pretty tasty carnivore melange of chicken, cream of mushroom soup, onions, garlic, sour cream and sherry. Usually over rice. It wasn't nearly as impressive or as attractive as the kiev but omg was it yummy and easy.

The other day I got a whole baked chicken at Safeway. I had it nuked warm for dinner two nights running and a really wonderful chicken sandwich for lunch one day. Then I stripped the carcass and chopped up the meat and made a variation of the old cream of mush chicken. I didn't have any sherry and I forgot the garlic and the chicken was bits and cooked. (The original recipe involved cooking the chicken in the soup.)

We didn't have fresh mushrooms back then so I used canned. I didn't have mushrooms on hand yesterday but I did have a can of emergency mushrooms.

Last night I had it over rice. Tonight I had it over flat curly noodles. It was pretty freakin tasty both ways! A delicious change from my usual fare plus it gave my tastebuds a little deja vu.

I have one serving left and I think I'm going to freeze it and see how it does after it's thawed. I am absolutely going to lay in some sherry and get some more emergency mushrooms (but also use real ones next time).

That $8 chicken did a fine job. I'm impressed.
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