Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another one bites the dust

A few months ago there were three lovely independant fabric stores in Seattle. One retired and closed. Then there were two. Now another is moving on and shutting down. I'm sorry to see her go but, I didn't get there much anyway. It's in a neighborhood north of here that does not have great parking and is very near a JoAnne's chain fabric store. So every time I thought about going over to District Fabric I figured I might as well go on to JoAnne's while I was there and maybe stop by Fred Meyers and then it just became a whole thing. Plus, I never found amazing stuff that I could not live without. Had it been more convenient, I probably would have kept a closer eye on her inventory and done more business with her.

On the up side, everything is 10% off starting tomorrow so I think that will get me off my lazy ass.

I love Amazon and it is my default shopping. I shop there because 1. I can do it without getting off my lazy ass. 2. Often the prices are better than elsewhere and 3. They have everything. I got sucked into Subscribe and Save a long time ago. Once a month I get refills on everything from tape to soap.

Somehow Amazon got about a dozen addresses for me. All exactly the same. Why does it need a dozen? It does not. So I deleted 11 of them. That totally fucked up my Subscribe and Save. And in true Amazon fashion, there was no way to fix it easily. I could delete everything one by one and resubscribe to everything one by one. OR... I could cherry pick those things that really need to come from Amazon regularly (because they are dirt cheap and/or impossible to find elsewhere) and deep six the other 20 odd orders. So that's what I did. Turns out most of them were no longer 1. The cheapest and 2. things I couldn't easily find at the grocery store or order when I need them.

A nice bit of unshopping.

If the bed remote control (out for delivery now) does not work, I might go bed shopping this afternoon. Probably not but this bed thing has been bugging the shit out of me now for 6 months and I'm over it. It's a fixable problem and I want it fixed now.

Baseball game tonight at 5. The Mariners almost always suck but this year they are trying to outdo themselves. Being a Mariner fan means having a very light touch with winning. Been that way for years and years. And we're used to it. But, it's annoying just the same. Yes, it's early in the season and they could pull out of it but... 40+ years of history says don't count on it. So I don't.

But, I should get dressed. So I will.

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