Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

clouded out

No baseball today. The Mariners are in Minneapolis where they are looking a some rain/snow but mainly it's just too cold. They played in that cold yesterday but the sun was out. No sun today so no baseball. Poop.

I had planned on a haircut and that would put me on the road to home about 10is which would be perfect because on the way home is the flea market which starts at 10.

Except I cancelled the hair cut. And, turns out, the flea market is next week. Ok then. So I came home and had breakfast.

I bought my new shoes with a purposeful eye towards lots of toe room. I do not want a repeat of The Ingrown Toenail. I wore them yesterday and the toe was fine but I rubbed a blister on the top of my foot. Sigh.

So... no baseball - instead I think laundry and sewing.

The buds on The Tree That I Hate are getting fatter every day. My neighbors will be out of view before I know it and I won't see them again until October.

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