Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and done

I swum, I rummage saled, I dropped off the Zappos returns, I groceried and now I'm baseballing.

The rummage sale didn't have anything I wanted. After I was hungry but not starving so I stopped at the little french bakery that I always forget about. Parking is not always easy but I found an easy spot quickly. The line was huge and the tables were all full but the line moved quickly and when I got my ham and cheese croissant and coffee, a table opened up and I had a wonderful people watching session. I must remember that option on Saturdays.

I got a baked chicken at Safeway I never do that but somehow it was clucking loudly at me so I did. I figured I'll eat some for dinner, save some for lunch sandwiches, casserole some and freeze the rest?

It was supposed to be a cold and rainy day. It looks now, (early afternoon) that it could turn wet but so far it's been not chilly and sunny. Last night I woke up once and was too hot. Today I forgot my jacket and stood outside the gym waiting for it to open and was not at all uncomfortable in just shirt sleeves. I think winter is maybe over- ish. I do love living where seasons change and while I'd dearly love snow and I'll bitch about the hot every time, I'm pretty satisfied with the mild we get here.

I do think it's time to switch out the winter comforter for the InBetweenTheSeasons one.

I canceled my hair cut tomorrow. I've now had two really Great Hair days. Maybe next weekend.

I got my new crochet project started. So far, so good.


gracegiver pointed me to a fun article that expresses my exact opinion about living and dying at my age. I shudda written a book but I'm glad she did.
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