Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


ATM and bread. These are on the top of my todo list today. Neither is critical.

I got a $25 Visa gift card. It's the kind you cannot use online. I spent a lot of my swim time this morning trying to figure out how to use that damn $25. I wanted to do it in one hit and there just isn't any place I walk in an buy, with a credit card, $25+ worth of stuff. Outside of the grocery and I know, from past experience, the cashiers cannot handle split payments easily enough to make that a good option. My car doesn't use that much gas in one fill up. Although I could, maybe, do it if the tank were really empty. Finally I hit on it. Costco. Since they started taking Visa, this now becomes the best option. And an easy one.

But, not today. Today I'll sew and use the ATM/bread run to get my tracker to its goal. The baseball game starts at 1. Although after yesterday I should give it up. After a lackluster first game last week, our best pitcher pitched his very worst yesterday. And because he is such an amazing pitcher, they didn't pull him out of the game like they should have. So he just kept digging his hole. It was brutal. Our second best pitcher, who totally tanked in his first game last week, is up today. Being a Mariner fan is not for the faint of heart.

Ok, I have now interneted way beyond what is considered frittering away good daylight. Time to get to work.
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