Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A good day

For some reason, I'm diggin' this day. Nothing special about it but just a lot of little, nice things.

My newly organized cabinet. I go to that cabinet to get something or put something 3 or 4 times a day. For months it's been a true Fibber McGee situation often complete with sound effects.*

* Catering to the old. Educating the young.

Nothing has to be done today. If I wanted to, I could just fritter this whole day away and not have to explain or justify it to anyone. I won't but I could and I like the could part.

My tracker will hit today's gold while I'm out doing a favor for touchofgr3y. That's like bonus points in my book.

I found a shirt in my closet this morning that I know I made - and made last Summer - and have no memory of. It's our of one of my old sheets. I was looking for something to wear with the vest I just finished. Nailed it.


Baseball is an afternoon game which means I get baseball and still have time for some evening TV watching.

I have a new sewing project ready for completion and podcasts queued up to entertain me while I complete it.

Also payday. My rainy day fund got kind of low with taxes and other fun annual bills oh and with the new blinds ... but this month I can give it a double infusion so it's starting to perk back up again.

It's just a stars are kind of aligned day.
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