Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

In dry dock for repairs...

My intestinal system decided that we were taking Easter off from the pool. Imodium has already pretty much fixed the problem but I figured a day off won't kill me packaged with the better safe than sorry add on...

So I'm doing laundry instead of swimming. I hate breaking the streak but tomorrow seems like a good day to start a new one.

I have a bunch of stuff I want to get done around here today so I'm just getting an earlier start.

1. laundry. at least two loads.
2. take down the new sheers in the air conditioner nook and iron them and put them back up
3. clean up the kitchen
4. cut out the next sewing project
5. watch the ballgame
6. finish the sweater vest

I have a big chore that needs to get done this week but not today. I have a wonderful cabinet in the living room that is stuffed with office stuff, hardware and bits for every day life. It has tape and cables and screwdrivers and note pads and ties and batteries and the few remaining papers I keep.

Every few years I need to haul everything out, cull, toss, and put in order everything left. It's about a year past its due date for that work. This week. I will do it. I need to clear off the eating table and pull out the extensions and just do it til it's done. Maybe Monday or Tuesday.

Every day after I swim, I slather on Cerave lotion. It's the only thing that keeps my old lady skin from itching me to death. I buy it every month from Amazon - Subscribe and Save. My monthly order is scheduled for Tuesday. I have one day's worth of Cerave left. The math there is broken BUT Amazon figured it out and fixed it!!! Miraculously, I just got a text that my Tuesday delivery is coming today. Holy crap. People get all in their bloomers about how big corporations are invading their privacy. Amazon can invade mine all they want.

And speaking of Amazon...

Last week I got a couple of these Just Crack An Egg bowls and tried them. Pretty excellent. But pretty pricey. Plus, I don't want peppers in my eggs and the potatoes included are not necessary. BUT I loved just tossing the bowl. Cleaning up microwave scrambled egg is a crap job.

So I hunted around and found these bowls on Amazon and they are perfect! They are a great size for one or two eggs plus goodies and they have a smooth interior so the egg scrambles nicely. And I can toss them into the food waste with the egg shells. Score for breakfast.
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