Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ebb and Flow

It's interesting to me how the pool population changes over days and weeks. Yesterday (Tuesday), it was packed. There are 3 lanes and there were 2 swimmers in each lane for most of the hour I was there. A lot of swimmers are everyotherday people so when Tuesdays are packed, Thursdays will be, too. It used to be that Mondays/Wednesdays were the hot swim days but not lately. Fridays are a crap shoot. And weekends go in waves. Saturdays will be the big day for a while and then Sundays will take over. Lately neither day has been really crowded. I have no clue what drives these waves. I just think they are interesting.

And, in the swimming mode, today is swimsuit day. I have a new one cut out and ready to assemble. Should be ready for first voyage tomorrow.

This morning has been pattern day. I bought yet another pattern for a top. This one has 6 different neckline options and 4 different sleeve options. Now I can't decide!

Also I bought a crochet pattern. I've been working on a knitted vest that is very close to being done. I fell over this crochet pattern on Instagram this morning. It's for a medallion that can then be made square and into something. Not sure what yet. I'm not a crochet wizard so I might not even be able to noodle it out completely but for $5, I will be entertained and challenged for a bit. Baseball season is soooo good for project making.

Tonight is beef strog night at 13 Coins and I think I'm just going to take advantage of it. It's also the first night of the new hotel opening. 13 Coins is adjacent and attached to a huge new Embassy Suites so I suspect they will be busy with things like room service in addition to more diners. Should be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

For a giggle I just checked the room rates at the new hotel. One night in the next couple of weeks is $450. One night next October is $400. One night next January is $250. For comparison, the AirBnB I got for my brother in January was $175 (not as nice and management/billing issues - the Embassy Suites $250 would have been way worth it).

ok, time to quit internetting and get that swim suit swimmable!
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