Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I had a fight with my printer...

I won finally but it was touch and go for a while. I'm not sure it was the printer's fault but it might have been. Sometimes, it think's it's on the network but nothing else does. It's url won't turn up the page, Windows never heard of it. Google Cloud Print says eh? And then getting it back is a PIA. That was today but it's done. And I printed out two new patterns for tomorrow after I finish the swim suit. So there, printer. I'm leaving you to your own devices because I'm running low on paper. I have some A-4 if there's an emergency but the new paper doesn't get here until April 4 so just chill, k?

I had a couple of lovely surprises today. Sandy, (the HOA) president called me up to sing Happy Birthday A Day Early - she's out of town on business tomorrow - and ask what would be an appropriate gift and I said Lunch at 13 Coins sometime. We're doing that on Monday.

But then, even better, ljtourist pinged me to say he was going to be nearby and did I want to meet for coffee. Just this morning, while I was swimming I thought 'hmmmm I haven't heard from Frank in a while... wonder what trouble he's into'. So really I esp'd him into the text. We had a fun chat. The coffee shop was full of interesting clothes. I'm really distracted these days by what other people are wearing - not the outfits, particularly, but the individual pieces of clothing. How pockets are attached, how seams are matched, how different pieces of fabric go together to make the whole. There were some great examples at the coffee shop.

Then I came home and watched the last game of Spring training. And then fought with the printer. Now dinner is in the oven and I think it's time to knit.
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