Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swimming dangers

I wear neoprene gloves when I swim. I kid myself that they increase my workout but really I wear them because, when I share a lane, my hands invariably hit the hard plastic lane lines and get all bruised up. Since they are in my line of site all day, the bruises drive me nuts.

Sunday I forgot the gloves and left them at home. It was nice not to have an extra thing to keep track of. So I left them home yesterday and today. Today, I shared a lane the whole time and the gloves are going back on tomorrow. This is my right hand right now.


Nothing says old lady like hands.

But... the guy I shared my lane with... He's been a regular at that pool for a bunch of years. He walks with a cane for the blind but clearly has a little vision. I always try to give him a cheery sounding "HI" or "Good Morning". For years, I got nothing. Until a couple of weeks ago. One morning, I got a very tentative "hi" back. Then a few times later, I got a "Good Morning" and a wave. Now, we are clearly swim buddies. He knows that I'm always happy to share my lane and I've even gotten a "How are you this morning?" out of him. I feel very good about this conquest.

While I was swimming I designed a hat variation. I want a non-Mariner one, for off days. So I'm going to make one of out some really soft, light weight denim and use velcro instead of ties with bows. There's actually no sun in the forecast. Maybe I'm discouraging it with these hats. Oh and I think it's time to make a new swimsuit.

The last Spring training game is this afternoon. Tomorrow is a travel day and Thursday is kick off. In a schedule oddity, the Mariners have Friday off after Thursday's opener. And then Saturday, is my day. Brunch and baseball.
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