Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Livin' in the dark

Once or several times a day, I hear or read about something I've never heard of before. I google it and find out it's a thing and no one told me! Just now someone wrote about pedaless bikes. WTF? Google and Whoa! turns out, once again, I am the last to know.

S'ok now I know.

The HOA president and one of the board members popped in this afternoon to talk about the Free Shelf. This is a set of shelves we used to have in the garage where people left stuff for re-homing they didn't want and other people could adopt it. It was great but the building manager hated it. So they shut it down. We got rid of that asshole and I offered up a plan to resurrect it with monitoring. The HOA president initially seemed all for it but never did anything about it. Now she's back on the idea and wants Rahel to be the board member in charge of it. I'll be delighted if it gets reinstated. I got a lot of good shit and left a lot of good shit. But, I'm not holding my breath.

I did have another great idea while they were here... a cable box. A big box of cables/cords,/chargers/etc. Take A Cable/Leave A Cable - TV/computer/speaker/phone/etc. They were both excited about that so maybe.

My sunhat turned out great. I love it! And making a test one first out of sheets was perfect. I figured out how to do it better by doing the test.


Tonight is TV and knitting. But, first, baked chicken, cheese mashed potatoes (just cheese added to store bought premashed) and half a store bought lunch salad. Easy peasy and it will taste fine.
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