Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have used Google Drive to keep all my stuff and to backup my Windows machine forever. A while back they changed to Backup and Sync which does the same thing except it has issues. There is a non-showstopping issue that has been driving me crazy. There are 57 files that are stuck and keep reporting an error. The files are all backed up and I don't care about them anyway but I can't clear the error.

Finally some research turned up that I am not the only one and there is a process - file a report, get a report id and post same with a description on a Google forum. I did. Then this very annoying Google person kept/keeps asking me the same questions over and over again and telling me, over and over again, not to share personal information. It's driving me nuts!

Then, I remembered that 1. I've been using this very valuable service for years and, the whole time, it has cost me nothing. zip. zero. Not one bloody thing. That they even provide anyone - even an idiot who can't read - for customer service is a good thing. So I need to quit being annoyed. Done.

I lost a boatload of money last week and, thanks to the leadership of this country, I stand to lose a lot more as my investments lose their value. If I think about it, it's very depressing. I've lost $30,000 since the beginning of March. I suspect I'll lose another $30,000 in the next few months.

But... There really are several bright sides that I'm choosing to focus on. 1. I have $30,000 to lose. That's pretty big in my book. But,

2. If I'm losing so are the people with real money. The Republicans. And all the people who can actually influence what's happening - they are losing lots more money and they will not be nearly as non nonchalant about it. So maybe with the moneybags pissed off at one end of the spectrum and the young people all organized and pissed off at the other end, we'll really get some change but this time, change for the better.


In other not nearly as important news, my Amazon Echo system can now be set to a kind of 'conversation mode'. You ask her something and she responds, but she hangs out for 5 seconds after in case you have a follow on. In my case, I love being able to say thank you.

Me: Alexa, Turn on the TV
Alexa: OK
Me: Thank you
Alexa: You're welcome*

It's so much nicer to hear than my just barking commands. It seriously gives me a greater appreciation for using Echo. *Her "You're welcome" takes many different forms depending (I'm guessing) on how she's feeling. But all of them tell me that she heard and appreciated my thanks. We be cool. Me and Alexa.

There is nothing on the agenda today. No baseball. No meetings or appointments. Nothing promised. Nice. I think I'm going to make a sun bonnet. I found a pattern yesterday for a wide brimmed hat that I'm going to try (out of old sheets) and if it works, then make it out of Mariner fabric to wear to the games.
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