Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Very randoms

Somewhere I got the idea of pimento cheese as in I would love a pimento cheese sandwich. Pimento cheese is really rare around here. They have pimentos but what in the world do you use them for if not pimento cheese? I looked several places and not even the really crappy kind could be found so I made my own. It's in the fridge and will be lunch.

I look back now on November and December and January when I had couldn't breathe and I'm kind of amazed. I thought then that I'd never breathe well again. It was bad and I assumed it would get badder. I tried hard to come to terms with it and I think I did pretty well.

I've now been better - fine, actually - for 2 months and I am still surprised at things I can do again. When I used to swim at LA Fitness, I parked in their underground garage and walked up the stairs to the street level and around to the front door. (They open the front door first and only then turn on the elevators so my wait time was minimized.) When I went back to swim there again, I parked on the street. I knew that walking up those stairs was not doable. Today, however, thanks to an early service a the church down the street, there weren't any parking spaces so I parked in the garage and walked up the stairs. No problems at all not even a tiny bit. No huffing and puffing at all. Very satisfying. Very.

And so weird to think back to that time when I really thought I'd never be able to do a bunch of stuff ever again.

I love it when Susan Stanberg does one of her rare, these days, reports on NPR but boy oh boy has she got a breathing problem. She does not take in air quietly at all any more. I feel for ya, Susan!

I broke a rule and paid for it yesterday. You really should make a test of any new sewing pattern. I have tons of cheap fabric to use for just such tests. If you test out the pattern first, then you dramatically reduce the chances of fucking up good, expensive fabric.

Yesterday I made a top from a new pattern using $35 worth of fabric. I measured carefully but still BIG mistake. BIG. As in I was too big for the top. I could get it on but it looked too small and felt way too small. It wasn't as tragic as if I could not replace the fabric because it was the Mariner print cotton which is available all over town. I went out and got more. But the $35 hurt. Lesson learned. I won't be doing that again. I will not. I buy all those Goodwill sheets and I will be using them.

And speaking of $$, I got notice today that my FICO score had updated in Mint so I went to check on it. And then I checked it on all my bank/credit card accounts. One of them was 5 points higher than the rest but the others are all fine. I remember when finding out your FICO score was impossible. I do not plan to borrow any money or rent any real estate but insurance companies do use that score to set rates and besides, I just like Big Money telling me my credit is good.

Today I'll be redoing the new top. I have redrafted the pattern to fit me and I'll be sewing it up. And probably watching some baseball while I do it. I'm thinking about 13 Coins for dinner. It's fish and chips night. I did remember to check the basketball schedule. They have a bar/lounge for watching sports. It's just off the dining room and near where I like to sit. Not as relaxing when the room if full of sports people. But, today's March Madness games will be over by dinner. Or is the pimento cheese is delicious, I may have it for dinner. I have time to decide.
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