Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Some kid in Florida, yesterday swam 50 yards in under 18 seconds. Twice. This is the first time anyone has done it in under 18 seconds. I kept thinking about that this morning. My music player tracks my laps and, every 5 laps, tells me how I'm doing. Today I got the message 6 times and the lap times ranged from 92 seconds to 106. So if that Florida guy was swimming next to me, he'd just be flying by. Of course, my pool is only 25 yards so having to turn around costs me lots of seconds... ha!

My gym always closes early on Easter Sunday which cracks me up every time. 1. This isn't the South. Easter isn't a gynormous holiday around here. 2. WTF with Easter Sunday night? Am I missing some big bunny bashes that happen on Easter Sunday night? It's no biggie for me because the gym opening time is the only one that matters to me.

Yesterday I said I was maybe going out to the Japanese grocery and I did not. I want things, grocery things, but the stuff I want is only available at multiple stores. I have the spoons for one store maybe. We'll see.

I just noticed that there are buds on The Tree That I Hate (because it blocks my view from May to October). This is not good. But it is inevitable.

I am off to the sewing room now to make my monkey shirt.
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