Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Having a clean house and the a/c sorted for the Summer and all my taxes paid for the year - all things that happened this week - gives me amazing peace. My little world, which, let's face it, is as pretty darned stress free as you can get, is even more calm and serene. ohmmmmmmm

I've got nothing that has to happen today and plenty to keep me entertained. The sun is taking a break so I might take a walk over to Uwajimaya, the Japanese grocery. Poke for lunch sounds good.

I ended up with no time in the sewing room yesterday. So I owe me some and I do plan to cash in today.

I just saw an interesting tweet about something called Steroid Inhaler Laryngitis (SIL). It says that people using these inhalers that contain steroids often suffer from voice issues. DOH!! I said this for the entire 3 years I was sucking down Advair! One time Dr. Lung even remarked "You sound hoarse, has that been going on long?" YES! Ever since I started taking Advair. I bitched and complained but no one listened. When I switched inhalers my voice came back immediately. So now my 'imagination' is a thing! With it's own cool acronym. I feel validated.

Ok, coffee's done. Time to get off my butt and get crackin'.
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