Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well... It's here...

I just asked myself... if I knew then what I know now, would I have ordered it? refused delivery? Been happy with either of those decisions? I'm not sure I have answers!

First of all it is HUGE and I mean gynormous and when I say big, I mean this is R2D2's older, NBA playing brother. Fortunately, the UPS guy brought it right to my door which was very unusual and very kind. Just getting the box from the hall to my inside was a struggle.


My original plan was to get the box to the living room and unpack. Not happening. Unpacking where it was wasn't a piece of cake. Moving it was not possible.


I tried several tricks and none worked for finally I just wrestled it slowly down the hall while the cat watched. And then I got the rest of it unpacked and the other bits and pieces unpacked and plugged it in and turned it on and the circuit breaker did not even squeak. YEAH!!

It has a lovely round magnetic remote that sits on the top in the center when not in use. Looks nice and keeps it from getting lost. Alexa likes it ... Alexa, turn on cool. Alexa, turn off cool. Nice. Also it has an app.

But mainly it is so big.


It comes with a nice bracket that fits in the bottom of a window for venting except I don't have a window. So I'll turn it vertical and stick it in the sliding glass door but I have about a 36"x4" gap that I need to fill with something. Maybe styrofoam. I've got time to noodle that out before it gets hot.

It is way more quiet than the other one and more attractive all the way around. (The other one required an ugly vent situation and it was not that attractive itself.)

The main thing right now is how big and heavy it is. There is no way I could ever package this up to send it back now or if it breaks or ever. So I think I'll like it and hope it stays healthy.

Now I need to clean up this mess.


Edit later: In comments jaywil totally solved the door gap issue... a pool noodle!!!! Genius. And a legit excuse to go to the dollar store. Perfect.


It came with foam to fill in the sides there and clearly, I need a longer noodle but I used this short one for proof of concept. Very cool.
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