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My childhood TV was Pinky Lee and Winky Dink and Romper Room and Captain Kangeroo. Mr. Rogers was after my time. In college, for some reason that escapes me now, I had to have a course in early childhood education. Since even then, I didn't give a shit about early childs or educations, I conned the professor into letting me write a mini dissertation for the credits. I wrote it on the potentially damaging effects of Mr. Rogers' messages. Yep, I ripped Mr. Rogers and his sweater to shreds.

My Twitter feed has been loaded with Mr Rogers praise recently. I think it's some kind of anniversary. I remember none of the details of my paper, but I still have lingering skepticism of his preachings that get evoked with every tweet. Based on nothing.

Oh, and I got an A on the course and a note from the professor that I should 'expand and publish'. I thought he, the professor, was a crock of shit, too. I knew everything then.

Today that now famous air conditioner arrives. Just in time, too... it's really heating up here. It's 64 degrees in here now. I'll need to drag out some sweaters to put on when I test it. The past few years, I've pulled out and set up the A/C about mid-May. But last year I didn't even turn it on until June 22. I do like to be prepared, though. I hate hot so much.

And having it operable by Alexa will be a treat. I thought operating my shades by Alexa would be a parlor trick but, turns out, it is far easier and quick to use Alexa for moving them up and down than digging out the remote or firing up the app. I suspect the A/C will be the same way.

Tomorrow is house cleaner day so today I need to make sure I move stuff to where it belongs so she can actually clean. And make up a grocery list cause that's where I'll go while she's here.

And I'm out of breakfast burritos again. So I'll be making some of them this morning. And sewing.

I started a new book last night that promises to be a good one. It's the latest Thomas Perry. About a bomb maker. Kind of especially creepy in light of what's going on in Austin. Thomas Perry tells a good story but always always has one giant pull-you-out-of-the-book mistake in every book. It's now gotten to be a treasure hunt. The last one he had a character in Victoria, BC hail a cab to Vancouver (140 miles) and get there in minutes.

Ok, time to get off my butt and put some pants on it and get started with the day.
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