Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mrs. Kravitz has big news

In the apartment building across the street, I can see, most easily into the four apartments directly across from me. Three of those four have been empty for months. Empty apartments not happy voyeur does make. The biggest of those four is the best. I can see into their livingroom/kitchen and into their bedroom. Plus they have a huge terrace. The first people who lived there had glorious parties inside and out all the time. They were the best. But, they moved out after a year and it's been rather much of a stalker dry gulch since then. There have been some boring tenants but not even those recently.

And now we have a family!!! A man and a woman and a cat! They look very nice an friendly and fun. Just in time for warm weather parties on the terrace. Thank you, neighbor gods.

They don't appear to be early risers but they did have a big weekend of moving in and unpacking so I'm going to cut them some new neighbor slack.

Zoey, the cat, has taken to hiding out in the bathroom. My bathroom is in the middle of the loft with walls to the ceiling and no windows. So when the light is off it is as pitch black as she is. Several times now I have rounded the corner, flipped on the light and found her sitting there on the counter. Doing... nothing. Just sitting there on the cold counter. When I find her there, she looks guilty but I of what, I have no idea.
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