Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

OMG. I am an idiot.

I spent all day sewing and then putting together new patterns and cutting out fabric. It was a productive day for sure. And I didn't even make a huge mess.

I sat down to finish watching the baseball game and rest a bit. My eyes fell on my Dyson Hot and Cold. This is a fan/space heater that I got on sale a few years back. I don't use it often but it can sit in my living room without looking like a dusty old appliance so I keep it around.

WAIT! I know that thing is a power hog. But what are the dets? It's plugged into the same circuit that the new air conditioner will be. And it works with all the rest of the stuff on that circuit. Come to me Internet! 2000 watts, 12.5 amps.

Yes folks. I have spent countless hours wrestling/investigating and nagging/bugging and whining/moaning and generally driving myself and the readers of this journal nuts for NOTHING!!!

The new air conditioner uses 1090 watts. And 11 amps. LESS THAN THE FAN I'VE BEEN USING FOR YEARS!!!

It's a good thing I'm pretty.
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