Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Except around here there's not a lot of plus ça change which is ok with me. But, yes, still obsessing over the air conditioner but the obsessing is waning. I had a wild thought this morning about the possibility of just switch the wires at the circuit box. I have a 30 amp (double 15) that is not being used at all. And a 15 amp that is over loaded. Why not just switch 'em? I just posted that question on Ask An Electrician in Reddit.

Ok, just got the answer. No can do the swap. Dagnabit but, I could have someone repurpose the wiring in the baseboard heater I never use and turn it into a dedicated plug for the A/C. So, IF I decide to go ahead and keep the unit, AND it breaks the circuit routinely, maybe that's a viable fix.

Enough of that for now. My brain is wearing out.

And now we get to the ça change - and there is none. There will be sewing today and knitting tonight and baseball and a walk around the block in between but nothing special on the agenda.

I feel like I'm either getting a cold or fighting one off. I voting for the latter.
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