Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

To or not to

The new air conditioner will be delivered on Tuesday.

Then I figured out my electrical system might balk. So I wrote to some electricians. They all said I'm fucked. And so I decided to refuse delivery. And then, two more rang in with 'awww, you're fine. really.'

So then I got all excited again. So I asked a couple more electricians in different forums. And they gave me more info and more credible explanations. And said that probably it will be fine.

So now... I'm a big fat ball of What To Do.

If I do not refuse delivery, and then decide to send it back because it breaks circuit (or for any other reason), it will be a bitch. It weighs 100 lbs. Just getting it into a box and then into the car could be a problem. It could cost me $100 - just to get it to a UPS store for shipping - to send the $550 unit back.

Refusing delivery seems like a mean thing to do to the UPS guy.

It uses 11 amps. The circuit is 15. It's the same one as the TV, hall lights, TiVo, Harmony, Chromecast and ceiling lights (which are LED). I can pretty much unplug everything else so probably ok. Close but ok. (My current one uses, 9 amps I think but maybe 10.)

Sadly, I have two circuits with more amps that I'm not even using. But it has no outlet. I have a call into a local electrician to see if using it is doable. Probably way too expensive.

It's not critical. I have a working air conditioner. It will probably work for several more years and maybe more. It's only tripped the circuit one time.

I have until Tuesday to go back and forth on this decision. It's only Thursday and already I'm wearing a rut in my brain.
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