Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Air Conditioned Disappointment

So last night I was conjuring on what to do with the old air conditioner. Probably it will be easy to sell to someone in this building. I'd make up a flyer for the garage bulletin board. Wonder when I bought it exactly? I logged onto Mint to look for a Costco charge that was close to what I thought I paid. (I though it was $500 and turns out it was only $300. Such a deal.) Then I took that date and went to LJ for confirmation.

And that's when I was able to remind myself that wattage matters. I had asked the electrician who installed all the ceiling lights earlier that year about air conditioner BTUs and how much my electrical system could tolerate. (One of the former air conditioners used to kill the whole circuit whenever the house cleaner turned on the vacuum.) He explained that BTUs weren't he issue, wattage and amps were. And my limit was 1010 watts. Went to the web page for my new air conditioner... 1090 watts.

phuck. I verified with some guys on the Reddit electricity sub that yeah, it might work but chances were good it would kill the circuit. This morning I tested. The circuit in question is half the house. No way to isolate or not use or cut down on the use of the stuff plugged into it. No way to plug the air conditioner in anywhere else.

No fancy new A/C for me. It's already in route. UPS. For delivery Tuesday. I'm hoping I can catch the UPS guy on Monday and warn him that it's a return to sender and not to get it off the truck. Worst case he delivers Tuesday, and picks it up on Wednesday.

oh well. At least I discovered this before I unboxed it and set it all up.

I made a gray version of the red sweater/jacket yesterday. I love it. Today I'm going to Joanne's to get some of that Mariners fleece. Those first two months of baseball at night get pretty chilly. My first game is an afternoon game on March 31. Could go either way weather wise. I want to be ready.

I just used up the last of the hot chocolate powder that I bought last fall. Every fall, I buy new and put it in my hot chocolate tin and keep the tin on the counter all winter. Today the tin went back up in the cabinet. See you in 6ish months, Tin.

The kitchen needs a clean up as does the sewing room. I'm going to do that before I take off for Joanne's.
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