Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cool Summer Days...

I just bought an air conditioner. It's 63 degrees in here right now and 47 degrees outside. I have a working (actually nice and working) air conditioner in the closet on the terrace. So why the hell am I wasting money on a new one now????

I found this one last year. But, it was towards the end of the Summer. I thought I'd wait and see if 1. the price went down and 2. there were more and varied reviews. It did and there were and I bought it today before the price goes up again.

This one is way prettier, fits into my sliding glass door without having to install the pet door (I don't have windows that open), works over wifi, works with Alexa. And, best of all, is small enough to tuck into the little nook between my terrace and the rest of the living room. Out of the way but easy to get to. It's perfect.

When I found it last year, I made a note on my calendar to start watching the price as soon as it started warming up outside. And I put the money aside. I forgot about it until I got the notice on my calendar. I feel pretty smart.

I want to make a new coat/jacket out of Mariner fleece. But, I can't decide on a pattern and I don't yet have the fleece or can't find it if I do. So I think I'll hold off for a bit. My first Mariner game isn't until March 31 so plenty of time. Today I'm going to make another jacket/sweater like the red one. Only this one will be out of a gray sweater-y fabric.

It's beef strog night at 13 Coins. I might. I might not. Happily, I don't have to decide right now. I do think I'll get dressed right now, though and maybe get another cup of coffee.
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