Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Too much shit - Chapter 2

I am sure there is a 2 yard piece of Mariner fleece fabric in this condo someplace but I'll be damned if I can find it. There's a very slim chance that I used it but I don't think so. I'm betting that it will turn up the very second I buy more. On the bright side, they do have a new version that I like better so when it turns up, at least I will not have bought two yards of the exact same thing.

The delivery date of the package I'm waiting to refuse has been moved from today to Thursday. What a PIA.

I finished the jacket/sweater and I love it. I have plans for two more. One in a soft gray and one that will be in the Mariner fleece and be longer and a little different in the front but I really do love making this pattern. So comfy, so versatile, so perfect.

Now I'm watching the Mariner game with I clean up my computer life. I use a chromebook for my everyday computing and internetting. One of the many advantages of a chromebook is that when the spirit moves, you can wipe the whole thing clean and rebuild in under 15 minutes. I like to do this about every 3 months or so. Things just seem to run better. I did it today and it's so nice to have a squeaky clean computer.
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