Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Back up from the rabbit hole

Last week I bought some wonderful fabric at the store up the street. I bought it because of the color (a fabulous red) and texture, soooooo soft. But, I had no idea what it would become. Then, this morning while I was swimming, I thought... jacket/cardigan.

So when I go home, I went on a hunt to find the perfect pattern. And that turned out to be a non-trivial search. I bought more spandex for another swimsuit. I found a great shirt pattern by a German designer. And, then, finally, I found the best candidate for the red fabric. But, whew. It was not easy.

Then I forgot that I had forgotten to wash the red fabric. The fabric would probably be ok without washing but the red, not so much. Or rather, not worth taking the chance. So the fabrics in the washer and I'm coming up for air.

One thing I must do before I print out any pattern or cut any fabric, is burritos. I have eggs and cheese and capers and tortillas, I just need to get them all together and rolled up for breakfasts. I meant to do it yesterday and never did.

There may be a quick Costco run.

Man, I am having a very "Squirrel!" day so far. I've been typing this entry for what seems like hours and I keep seeing shiny things. It's pretty luxurious to have the time and space to just give in and go chase those shiny squirrels so while I feel like I should go do something practical. I might not.
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