Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

fighting me but I don't care

I had plans to go to the library but it's closed for a system wide staff day.

I had plans to get the car washed but the car wash - the big one with 4 drive through bays - was closed for maintenance.

I decided to go on to Ballard but the traffic halted long before we got there... Maybe the bridge is up? Nope. They had two lanes - one north bound and one south bound closed for some reason. It was slooooooow going.

On the other hand, the ceiling of my terrace is not closed at all any more.


It seems as if they (the HOA and the people they have hired to figure out and fix the problem) have a solid plan in place and in production so that there will actually be a whole fix sometime in my lifetime.

My house is wonderfully clean. There's a baseball game on TV in a couple of hours and tonight there will be no dancing around the Ichiro situation. It's official. He's on board. All is good.
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