Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Plans? Right...

I have a bunch of holds to pick up at the library. Since I want to be out of the house when the house cleaner comes this morning, perfect day to make a library run. Right? Wrong. Just saw on Twitter that the libraries are all shut down for staff service day. ARUGH.

Tomorrow. Library.

Today... Well, first of all there's the flood test which was postponed from Monday. Unless something else comes up, they will be flooding the deck above my living room at 8:30 (in an hour).

Then the house cleaner should be here about 9 but will probably come rushing in about 9:45. Maybe I'll go to the Goodwill up in Ballard for a change and also I need to run the car through a car wash. It's just disgustingly dirty.

My ingrown toenail is so much better. I can now, once again, wear any shoes in the house, with socks if I want. Whew. There is one tiny twinge when I press it on one spot but even that is minor. Yahooo. That sucker really hurt for a long long time.

I learned a new sewing trick on Instagram last night. I need to rethread my serger to try it out. As much as I hate Facebook, I love Instagram. It requires nothing of me - I don't have to organize my feed or interact with anyone if I don't want to. I can follow and unfollow without penalty. And gives me so much in return. I learn all kinds of sewing stuff and get new ideas. I follow a bunch of different pet wallabies for some odd reason and love their antics. And I follow several families and enjoy seeing and hearing about what's going on with them. It's not a give and take. I mostly just take.

However in one very non-Instagram situation, I am going to actually meet someone IRL who's feed I've been following for a while. I have a very large, heavy cutting mat that I don't want and will kind of be wasted on Goodwill. A woman who lives not far from here and shares very cool sewing ideas on Instagram wants the mat. She's buying lunch, and I'll turn over the mat. Should fun.

The wounded chicken is now officially out of the bathroom hospital and back in the yard. Yeah!!
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