Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Goal met!

My tracker just told me I could take the rest of the day off. Ok. Will do!

After I fixed my robe with new cuffs (perfect fix, by the way), I totally cleaned the sewing room. Organized it all and took apart both sewing machines and cleaned and oiled them and put them back together. I cut 6 inch squares of of the scraps left from the last few projects and put them on their respective square stacks - woven, knit, fleece and recycled the remainers.

I discovered that my rotary cutter blade was dull and I had no more and my tracker was whining to go out and walk so I trotted up to the sewing store where the nicest one was on duty. She'd just gotten back from the Expo that I did not get to and gave me the inside skinny. Basically she just reinforced the wisdom of my decision to skip it and probably nailed my doing the same next year. I saved money but the proceeded to buy $60 worth of fabric from her in addition to the rotary blade! Oh well. I'd rather spend the money there than at a trade show, I think.
My brother got home from their trip just a little bit ago. The toilet hen had disappeared from camera view but last night I hear flapping and clucking over in a corner and thought maybe she had fallen into the trash can. Turns out, nope. She's using the trash can for roosting!! He checked on her and moved the camera angle and said she was clucking contentedly perched there on the edge. Toilet eggs??

It's that time of year when the sun comes out and it warms up enough so that everyone isn't huddled inside still but they all come outside... to bitch about how cold it is. Holy crap, people. Go south, or put on more clothes, or go back inside. Plus, it is not cold. The sun is out and it's 50+ degrees in the shade and way more in the sun.

The Mariner games are at night for the next three days and on TV. Can't wait to hear the Ichiro chatter.
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