Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I looked around for a pattern for a long zippered hoodie-ish kind of thing and couldn't find one yesterday but this morning's swim convinced me that I didn't need one and I was right.

I did use a whole lotta trial and error. I must have placed those pockets/tried it on/replaced pockets/tried it on a million times. But I love the result.

I thought I was going to have to two tone it but turns out for some really odd reason, I had 5 yards of navy blue fleece. I think maybe it was a Goodwill find. But anyway. Perfect. The zipper was turquoise so I decided to top the pockets off with scraps that made the turquoise look not so alone.

The pockets are big and deep enough (it's predecessor as well as the one on order had stupid shallow pockets not good for anything). And it has a lovely big loop in the back at the collar for hanging on the bathroom door between wearings.


Best of all, it's not stained or ratty looking like the one that donated the zipper. I'm quite jazzed about it. Both the kitchen counter (where I cut stuff out) and the sewing room are a mess but I'm going to leave them and go take a walk around the block. My tracker needs it.

The home owners association meeting is tonight. Oh and the flood test was called on account of rain that was predicted and didn't happen. Rescheduled for Wednesday.

The chicken is all over that bathroom. What a mess that's going to be to clean up. Turns out my brother and his wife aren't going home until tomorrow so he had someone cut a nice a-frame portal intp the hospital so she can wine and dine.

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