Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Poor buying decisions

A while back I bought a cutting board - the memory kind for use with fabrics (or paper) and a rotary cutter. I got a giant sized one that turned out to be way too big and heavy to store and manage. It doesn't even fit nicely under my bed. Wrangling it out to use is not worth the effort.

Yesterday, a woman I know only from Instagram, but who has taught me all kinds of fun sewing tricks and tips, posted a query on Instagram looking for recommendations of where to buy a giant memory cutting board.

AH HA!! Please have mine. We're going to meet for lunch and a visit and hand over this week or next. Should be great fun.

On weekdays when I go to the pool and come home all before anyone else wakes up, I throw on my floor length hoodie instead of clothes. I've had the damn thing forever and it looks it. Finally I decided that it's time for new pool going threads. So I ordered up a new floor length hoodie which may or may not actually work.

Then today while I was swimming, I had a head slapping moment. Why TF did I order one when I could make a much better one than I could buy! GRRRRRR I ordered it from Romans. Their website shows my order 'open' but the mean lady on the phone said it was processed and so I could not cancel it. I could just refuse delivery. But I just priced out the materials needed to make one and it's a wash. hem haw hem haw

But, meanwhile, all else is good. Today I will be making twice baked potatoes. I make very simple ones but they are so good. I bake the potatoes and cut them in half and scoop them out. Then I mash the innards with butter, salt, pepper and sometimes sour cream and add grated cheese and fill the half skins with the result. Then I freeze them until I'm ready. I do the second bake with whatever meat I'm roasting. Yum. I haven't had any in the freezer in a while. It's time.

I have a shirt to assemble and a baseball game to listen to. Nice Sunday ahead. Oh crap, it's 11 am where the hell did the morning go???
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