Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I did not intend to make this a day of doing stuff but I sure did.

I did go around the house and picked up this and and that. And did two loads of wash and emptied out some drawers that really needed it and cleaned up the kitchen. Oh and changed the sheets on the bed.

And then I got to sewing. I spent a long time with pattern and then made a test shirt. The test shirt fit better than most stuff right off the bat. I hate shoulder seams that don't sit perfectly. Usually I have to tweak them for my narrow lame ass shoulders but not today. So then I got frisky and made some changes and made another test shirt and then fixed the pattern and cut out the beta.

A beta shirt (in this house) is a shirt that is very near ready for expensive fabric but just needs one more try. I found two pieces of leftover fabric that go together and had enough between them to make a shirt. It's all cut out now and ready for assembly. But I'm not. Tomorrow will be soon enough.

The OnBoadDiagnostic plug arrived for my gas tax by mile testing and I got it installed. (unplug the Automatic and plug in the new one - no heavy lifting required)

Country ribs and twice baked potato for dinner. Yum. And a night of TV and knitting. I'm totally cool with all of this.
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