Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Full day!

This morning, I met my friend, Barrie, for breakfast and a catch up. She and I have been exchanging 'we need to get together soon' emails since the beginning to time it feels like. Finally I sent her a 'let's shit or get off the pot' one last week and today we did.

We met at a wonderful kitchy but almost so old it's authentic cafe midway between her house on the beach in West Seattle and me. It also happens to have delicious food. We had a great visit and agreed to do it more often. I really enjoy her so I will be making that happen.

After we chowed and chatted, I went on to the dollar store and then to Popeye's. I have dinner in hand and lunch tomorrow and maybe an afternoon snack. I can't ever just get one meal at Popeye's.

When I got home I had deliveries from Amazon. A robe to wear to the gym in the morning that didn't fit. It was packed up and waiting for the mail carrier before I even sat down. Also Plan B robe was ordered.

Zoey has new cat food and new litter. And it's all put away.

So... so far... good day!
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