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I saw a link on Twitter that talked about how to recover your Google account. I am so deeply embedded in Google that at this point if you deprived me of all oxygen I'd last longer than if you deprived me of all Google. Sad, but true. They've done good by me and I'm a happy captive but I do live in dread fear of something going sideways.

Back when it was still even really new, my Google Wallet account got frozen and it was a horrible 3 days.

So I have backups to my backups - codes here, info there. This morning I was reminded that one verifying question they like is 'When did you open your Google account?' Not an easy bit of data to find for me. Turns out I had looked before and had a document called Gmail account that simply says "gmail account created on 6/9/2004".

BUT, what if I can't get to my windows computer? Everything else I runs on a Google operating system so will not be operable or will be severely limited. So. I sent that info and other to a non Google email account where it now sits in the inbox. Whew. Here's hoping I never need it.

I got the official invoice for my window shades in email today and it included a lovely little offer to cash in a $100 rebate. Thankyouverymuch!

It seems that LJ has finally turned on the Instagram option to my feed. I turned it on ages ago but it never showed up. Since I send Instagram to Twitter, I can now turn off the Twitter feed which I always thought was lame anyway. Instagram is a much nicer presentation. I like capturing it in my journal.

And speaking of Twitter, I just saw a tweet that Rich Oppel had been named the interim Editor and Chief of Texas Monthly. Blast from the past. Rich Oppel was the hot shot young editor who took over the Charlotte Observer and so became my husband's boss when we were married. He was the one who gave my husband and his co-workers enough rope to write the series that netted them the Pulitzer Prize.

We spent a lot of time that year in parties and receptions and ceremonies celebrating that award and the others they won for that series. I remember Rich and Carol had this obnoxious little kid who was always into everything. Wikipedia tells me that that obnoxious little kid is now a fairly well respected reporter for the New York Times.

Wild. In my head I'll always be 30, Rich and Carol will only be a couple of years older than me and that kid will still be a kid. Wikipedia can't be correct about everything.

The Mariner game is on TV this afternoon which is fun. So that's what I'll be doing for the next few hours. Nice.
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