Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm a doer

The installer arrived just after 9 and was done by 10 and the new shades are amazing. They look a lot better than I even thought.


But the tech is 1000% better. The old ones worked off an app on my phone but they didn't always and the app sucked. The set up was painful. But, hey, I could manipulate my blinds from my phone without getting off my ass. So cool? Well, yeah but this sucker is way cooler. I can ask Alexa to do raise them or lower them from the top or the bottom. Or I can use my phone. Or I can use the cute little remote. The setup was a breeze. And it has a million extras. Like battery indicator. And remote operation.

I face east. If I don't get the blinds lowered before the hot morning sun, I pay for it all damn day with a very hot house or a very overworked air conditioner. I have been known, after I have pulled out of the garage, to turn around and pull back in, come back up the elevator to lower the blinds when I forgot. No more!

I went out to the market and got everything on my list AND remembered to get gas. And made up 5 breakfast burritos. And unstitched the pocket on a top I finished last week and redid them because they weren't right.

And I finished yesterday's top and now need to remake the pattern so it will be ready for next time. I may save that for tomorrow.

I'm now taking a break. And I'm starving but I have decided that it is a definite yet on 13 Coins for beef strog tonight so no snacking. I'm going over early but it's too early now. I think I'll catch up on my internetting.
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