Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The tiniest bit of plastic...

I've noticed for the past couple of days that the music volume in the right ear bud of my swim music was way lower than the left. Today it drove me nuts so while I swam, I churned on it and decided to demand a replacement. These are $70 earbuds. They need to work longer than the 3 weeks I've had them.

When I got home, I plugged in the player to charge and while it was charging, plugged the earbuds into my chromebook. Yep. That one ear was definitely quiet. Long story, longer, I discovered a tiny bit of plastic in the actual ear piece. Removed that and BAM! Loud into both ears equally. Whew. Problem solved.

I had the most delightful dinner last night. ljtourist made special fried chicken and special mac and cheese and fried okra. OMG so good. All of it. So good. I have left over chicken and mac and cheese in my fridge. I feel food rich.

Plus, it's always so interesting to spend time with Frank. He thinks so differently and so much more than I do. And he does so much research of the most amazing things. And he also calls me out when necessary. I wrote not long ago about the gigantic real estate tax increase and I attributed it to the voting in of a giant transportation bond. Frank pointed out (most kindly) how wrong I was. A simple search would have shown me "Countywide, taxes are up nearly 17 percent -- that's the total tax bill -- due in part to rising property values, but also because of a plan from the state Legislature for school funding. That adds $1.01 per $1,000 in assessed property value." The transportation thing was a chunk but it was education.

But other stuff, too. Frank just thinks differently and it's very cool to be around.

Also he loves food like I do. Last night he had me taste this fabulous ice cream which had a fatal flaw. It was rich and creamy with toffee and peppercorns. Yes, peppercorns. So wrong and such a horrible waste of good ice cream and toffee!

Today is the usual. Baseball. Sewing. Knitting and maybe one more ER episode. I'm going to cancel Hulu. In the final days, after I've watched everything I think I need to watch Hulu-wise, I'm now into ER reruns - the early years. That was such a gritty show.
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