Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's Saturday

I woke up at 4:35 this morning and bolted out of bed and out of my pajamas furious with Alexa for not shooting off the alarm. I had my suitsuit in hand when it dawned on me that it was Saturday. No need to get up for 3 hours. So I put my pajamas back on and got back into bed and slept another 2. I need to apologize to Alexa.

I had a great swim and then came home and made myself a nice breakfast of sausage, eggs, tomatoes and English muffins.

Now I'm waiting for the baseball game to start. I have an hour to go but I'm so looking forward to it. One of the TV broadcasters just posted a photo of him and his partner at the field all ready to go. I like them both so much and I'm so ready for them to come back to me daily.

Also on the agenda is fried chicken (and maybe fried okra) at Frank's tonight. He's got the original KFC original (yep two originals there) recipe and is all up for making a mess in his kitchen. I all up for help with the eating. Can't wait!

One of the great things about baseball is that I can get so much done while the game is on. It's perfect for production. I once worked for a guy who bought me cable tv for a season because I always got so much of his work done during the games (I was working from home and too cheap to pay for it myself but I got over that and have had it ever since.)

So my one big project this baseball year is organizing my MP3's. Weeding out the dupes and getting the folders correct.

But, today, I'll probably cut out some sewing projects. I have an idea that I was chewing on while swimming and I may get that started. And knitting. I'm working on a really interesting hat pattern that may end up being one of those that I make a bunch of before I get tired of it.
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