Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Credit Schemdit

First of all the package and FedEx tomfoolery. I never got the callback from FedEx but about 10 minutes after their two hour window, I got ANOTHER email saying the package was delivered. This time I can see the FedEx guy deliver it on the webcam video. So I have two different emails. Same tracking number. One says they delivered it at 9:48 and one says they delivered it at 12:52. What a stupid fire drill. At least now I have it.

My credit cards and banks all now give me my FICO score but never the same one. I have very good credit (that wasn't always the case but it has been for the last couple of decades). But, I still obsessively check the scores every month. One of the 4 that I can see easily dipped this month. Down something like 20 points. Still excellent but WTF??? No reason given but I'm insulted. Happily the other 3 are up from last month so I gotta believe that one just got up on the wrong side of the spreadsheet.

And continuing with my wtf day, I discovered that I made an error in my latest knitting project. It's the kind of error that only an idiot would make. I'm not a perfect knitter but I never twist my stitches. Until last night. Now ripped out and I'll give it another go.

None of these things are making me crazy. More amused than anything else. The cluster of them all is pretty funny.

Now it is almost 2 pm and really I have not done shit all day. Like the other stuff, no biggie. Having unlimited leisure time is a luxury I cannot imagine ever taking for granted.
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