Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Minor wtf's

Everything today has been working on me. I go to put a spoon in the sink and miss to have it drop onto the floor. I've had the sink in the same spot for more than 25 years. I grabbed the mayonnaise for my egg salad and end up pour ranch dressing all over it. After the post office, rather than head for the main streets and home, I just turned in that direction and landed on a shaded street full of ice and swerved all over everywhere.

I made sure the gym/pool was open. But it was only after I was nearly there that I remembered there was an aqua fit class taking over the pool in 15 minutes. FUCK. I decided to go ahead and maybe hope the instructor didn't show up as use to happen half the time. But, alas, he was there when I got there. One of the front desk women said that sometimes they let lap swimmers in if the class is small. So I went to ask the instructor if I could share the pool with his class. He was most gracious about it and said he bet there wouldn't be any students anyway.

Turned out he had about 8 and while you could tell a couple of them were not thrilled with sharing the pool, I got my swim in without issue.

But the new swimsuit has a flaw. That 2 way stretch fabric is just a killer. I designed a fix that I think will save it but I have to wait for it to dry. I could toss it in the dryer but I think I'll just wait.

After my swim I got an email that FedEx had delivered my replacement cable (#2) from Google. But, when I got home, it was no where. The delivered notice said that it had been left at the front door at 9:48. Well, sorry FedEx, honey, but I just happen to have video of the front door, the lobby (he/she would have had to go through) and the package delivery area in the garage. Unless your delivery person was invisible... it did not happen. I called and they gave me an incident number and a promise that someone would call me back in 2 hours. There are 40 minutes left in those 2 hours.

Swimming in the middle of the morning, aqua fit class aside, is strange. I feel like most of the day is gone. I know it's not but it sure feels like I only got a half day today. On the up side, I am well rested.
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