Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cleaner Day

The house cleaner should be here in an hour or so. While she cleans, I'll errand. I have a car full of Goodwill to drop off and then I'll go see if there's anything there I need, as long as the car's empty...

Then I need to pop by the pharmacy at the clinic and get a prescription filled. It's one I use as needed and most of the time I don't need. But, I'm running low. One prescription lasts me 6 months or more. I looked up last night to see if mail order would work $$ wise. It's three times more quantity than I need but if the price was right. The price was not. So I'll swing by this morning and get it done.

Meanwhile the toe is not worse and maybe a teensy weensy better. My chapped face is dramatically better. I've been slathering vaseline all over the affected areas every morning before my swim. I think that's done the trick.

I think I got the last of my tax stuff in yesterday. There may be one more piece I think I have enough to at least send it off to the CPA once I fill out his little program.

And the swimsuit which didn't get finished last night will absolutely get done today. Just in time, too. I noticed this morning that one of my stalwart suits was getting a little crufty in the back. I suspect its days are numbered. Good thing I have more in the pipeline. Much as I'd love to swim nude, I'm thinking the gym might frown on that.

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