Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Everybody in my class ...

It was a standing family joke. Mostly my sister but I think my brother and I were guilty, sometimes, too. An appeal argument for anything we were denied was always "But, everyone in my class..." has or does or is going to do X.

And then the adult du jour (usually Mom) would respond "If everyone in your class jumped over a cliff, would you?"

Well, duh. Of course I would. Whadya think, you raised an individual thinker??

I cannot for the life of me remember how/why I started down this road. My brain is having a use it or lose it moment/day/week/year...

I'm soaking my toe again. I think it's feeling a tiny bit better and I want to encourage it in that direction so ... another round of toe swimming.

Oh wait! It was about the snow. Every Seattle person on my Twitter feed is reporting snow. Snow in Capital Hill (2 miles from here). Snow in West Seattle (3 miles as the crow flies). Snow all over... Except... here. As I explained to my mother with every appeal "It's just not fair!!!" Which of course netted "Life's not fair." We worked from a very predictable script in my house

My new swimsuit is ready for elastic and then it will be ready for the pool. I redid the pattern so, hopefully, it will work even better than the others.

5 more soaking minutes then back to the sewing room.
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