Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dead duck

This morning I got my Pixelbook from the living room and took it into bed with me to internet before it was pool time. Before I left, I plugged it back in to its regular spot in the living room. When I got home it was dead. And would not charge. Door nail dead. I tried all of the troubleshooting tips and then called Google. Who, after having me retry all the troubleshooting tips, said they'd be in touch in 24-48 hours. Not impressed.

Then I posted about the problem on the Google forums and pretty soon "Jim" suggested that I try using a charger from some other USB C device. I had tried my phone's charger with no luck. But, I also have a Pixel C tablet and I tried it. BINGO!! Charging now. Whew.

And I'll bet once it gets charged, it will happily charge again with its own charger. But if not, warranty.

That little adventure took a disconcerting chunk out of my morning.

Twitter just told me that there was hail falling in Capital Hill - a neighborhood about 3 miles from here. Here we have bright sunshine and barely any clouds. Seattle has such weird weather sometimes.

This old chromebook is really a dog. I got it years ago for less than $150. I got it because T-Mobile had this deal where you could get 500MB of free data a month on LTE devices for life. It was/is a sweet deal to have around for emergencies. I use it on one of my old monitors in the living room and keep a screensaver of revolving photos on it. Works great for both of those purposes, just not for real working use.

I have nothing big planned for today. Actually, nothing small either. I did a load of laundry earlier which needs folded and put away. I have breakfast dishes that need to be washed. And really that's about it for the plans.
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