Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The tire clamp/boot thingie for the scooter arrived and, contrary to what the website said, it is fucking huge. I didn't even take it out of the hard plastic shell. It's never going to work. So back it goes.

I went to print out the return label and the printer wouldn't print. I finally got up to look and it hates the black cartridge.

This is my first laser printer. Back in the ink jet days, I was always careful to buy the ink from the manufacturer. I paid way too much but I always knew if there was a problem at least they couldn't blame it on Other People's Ink.

My brother convinced me that laser printers are different and I could easily cheap out on toner. So when the black got low, I ordered some cheap stuff. It was okdokey for a couple of weeks... until tonight. Now it's basically saying Get This Thing Out OF ME!!

Happily, I'm still in the return window so back it goes. Except... how can I send it back? I can't print the label!!!

DOH! Order new. This time I went with some higher priced spread that I hope the printer will not hate. It's on Amazon with a lot of good reviews. If it does hate it, I hope it's within 30 days. It gets here tomorrow so then I can print out both labels and drop them off at the UPS store near the pool on Saturday.
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